U.S painted Putin as a warmonger to provoke a war with Russia.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin President of Russia often painted as a barbaric leader and a warmonger by the Mainstream Media. But in reality it’s the opposite, Putin is neither a warmonger nor a cruel President. He doesn’t want a war with the U.S . He has been resisting World war for the past 2 years now. America has been imposing several economic and political sanctions on Russia continuously provoking Russian government to take strict actions against America but Russia didn’t. Putin again and again gave warnings of a world war 3 being provoked by US and NATO. 

But it was hardly covered by the Mainstream Media . While the Mainstream Media is busy painting Putin as the warmonger , America has been blowing up several Middle East nations for their own greed. Every time America wants a war with the countries opposing American dominance they give stupid excuses. And after every war all they have to say is “It was a mistake” But it seems Americans never learn from their previous mistakes and they keep supporting their warmongering government. 

Syria victim of American democracy.

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