Russian Foreign Minister Stuns BBC, Claims Obama Created ISIS

The U.S. is protecting ISIS and attempting to secretly overthrow Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, Russia’s foreign minister told a stunned BBC on Friday. 

Sergei Lavrov granted the BBC a 20 minute interview in which he told the broadcaster that the U.S. had deliberately allowed extremist groups such as ISIS and al-Nusra (now known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) to wreak havoc in the country on behalf of American interests.

The questions asked by the sniveling BBCanchor were predictable:

  • Will you stop murdering babies in Aleppo with cluster munitions and bunker busters?
  • Will you apologize for bombing the aid convoy?
  • Will you apologize for shooting down MH-17?
  • How will Russia survive more sanctions?

True to form, Lavrov very succinctly laid out Russia’s positions on all these “issues”. Oh, and he added a few zingers, like the Obama administration “gave rise and support to Al-Nusra”.

Actually, throughout the interview Lavrov repeatedly points out how the United States has steadfastly refused to distinguish between Al-Nusra and the “moderate rebels”, insisting that they’re all moderate and therefore should not be bombed or hurt in any way.

Imagine, that just a week ago the U.S. agreed to weed out the “baddies”; now that the cease-fire has failed, the Pentagon is arming the same groups they vowed to destroy along with Russia. Incredible.

Oh, and here’s the takeaway: Moscow is tired of Washington’s games. Aleppo will be cleansed of Al-Nusra, with or without Washington’s “help”.


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